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The surgery-free quest for a butt like a Brazilian....

Belas praias......

So anyone who has read my early blogs (hi Mum!) will know that I’m a big fan of Cherry Healey and her non-judgemental, informative and educational documentaries into the cosmetic surgery industry and those people who subject themselves to the knife in pursuit of perfection. So when ‘Sex, Knives, and Liposuction’ aired late last year I was glued to the set in anticipation.

For anyone who didn’t catch it, this series looked at some of the more extreme surgeries as well as some enlightening insight into – ahem – naked yoga and other key trends in the wellness industry. The bit that really interested me was the surgery tourists heading abroad for Brazilian butt lifts. Wow was that one not for the faint of heart…. Now it must be said that those we saw in the documentary who had the surgery were pleased with the Kardashian like outcomes. But the gruesome nature of the surgery – where fat is extracted from your body and pumped into your butt cheeks – not to mention the horrific recovery (in short – a lot of pain and unable to sit for weeks…. I have no idea how these people got home but suspect a large pillow with a hole in it was involved) was hard core to say the least.

And this is before you get into the risks involved. There have been two cases in the media this year of British women who have died following surgery abroad for Brazilian butt lifts prompting the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (Baaps) to ask its members to stop performing the operations until more research on the dangers of the procedure can be done. There is no doubting that this surgery is high risk with the highest death rate of all procedures due to the risk in injecting fat into large veins which can then travel to the heart or brain. There have also been reports of ‘holes’ reappearing causing leakage of fat, ongoing pain, and long term psychological damage from the trauma of the surgery.

The good news is that there is a much less extreme option out there offered as a bespoke one off or course of treatments (recommended) at Chic Beautique by the lovely Coral. Now I couldn’t possibly comment but for those of you who may dedicate some time to Daily Mail Showbiz scrolling may have seen the likes of Katie Price and Love Island’s Megan Barton Hanson having their thighs and bums pummelled by a round-headed metal device connected up to a machine. Now we can’t say for certain the machine in use or the specific treatment they were going for, but we suspect they are using exactly what we have here in the treatment rooms in the new, White Laser Sub-Zero professional grade multi-polar radio frequency (RF) device which offers cavitation, fat freeze, and radiotherapy. You can get the low down on these treatment on some of the other web pages here but I have been trialling a combination of all three (fat freeze, radio frequency, and cavitation) with impressive results.

The treatment itself couldn’t really be described as blissfully spa-like but neither did I find it uncomfortably painful and I definitely had moments of drifting on so was clearly relaxing (I think that was in part to the heavenly cocoon of comfy bed and heated sheets Coral lovingly provides).

I started out with fat freeze on the backs of my legs to get rid of my stubborn ‘fat pads’ no amount of diet and exercise was going to shift, followed by radio therapy to tighten everything up. There is a time based limit as to what treatments you can have when due to the time needed to expel the fat cells and toxins without overloading your lymphatic system, but my follow up sessions saw a mix of fat freeze / radio therapy / and cavitation (the magic roller) resulting in some pretty impressive inch loss stats of 1-2 inches across multiple places starting at lower back through to mid-thigh. The results of the fat freeze take longer as the cells die off and work their way out of your body through its own natural processes but the padding is definitely shrinking.

As a professionally tailored service, Coral has worked out a programme for me that is addressing my specific pain points (cellulite, lack of skin tone) and doing a pretty phenomenal job of replicating the Brazilian butt lift without the scary surgery. The fat freeze I found cold but in a ‘numb’ rather than painful way and the suction aspect I found bizarrely pleasant (I think it was the idea of it sucking it up and melting it all away over time…you know it’s doing something!). Cavitation was harder to get used to at first as it set my metal fillings on edge and the ringing in my ears was hard to get used to but get used to I did to the point where it didn’t bother me at all and again, at least you felt as though it was doing something. Radio Frequency was nice….like a strong but relaxing leg massage with the odd fist clenching moment as Coral pummelled away at those stubborn fat stores.

So – at the moment, I’m going through a course of Caci Electro Cellulite massage, followed by Cavitation and Radio Frequency which we think is the right approach for me and is a solid replication of the Brazilian bum lift using my own backside in all its (hmm) glory but a better, higher, more plumped up version of it. I have high hopes for my best summer legs and who knows, if I can get past my own inhibitions a la Cherry Healey, I may well post you the pics.

Happy Wednesday!

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