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Caci Eye Revive I had given up all hope of getting rid of that sunken skeleton look that's plagued me for years. Having had a consultation for tear trough fillers last year and been rejected on the basis that my eyes were both sunken AND puffy (hurrah!), hyaluronic fillers would apparently only exacerbate the puffiness without necessarily fixing the problem. Now this consultation was a good one. Nothing worse than lack of honesty in a professional about the reality of the results you're going to get, and she did give me an alternative option using fillers to raise my cheekbones to provide the overall appearance of support, but to be honest, I've never had prominent cheekbones so it didn't sound like the best solution if I wanted to still look like me rather than a poor man's Mariah Carey....

And then Caci launched their new Eye Revive serum to be used as part of an overall treatment with their eye rollers and what a treatment - a complete 4 for the price of 1. The eye rollers themselves combined with micro-current work to lift and tone the muscles around the eyes and aid lymphatic drainage which is what, in me at least, was causing the puffiness. The lift is excellent - for anyone who hit thirty something and started to find their old-favourite mascara was now imprinting on their top lid like a bad set of extra Halloween lashes, this is what you're looking for. The added bonus is that Coral combines this with the Caci Eye Revive to further combat puffiness and dark circles. Now according to Caci, "REGU®-AGE, [containing] hyaluronic acid and seaweed extract.... helps to combat puffiness and discolouration. REGU®-AGE is proven to reduce dark circles by up to 35%, puffiness by up to 31% and an impressive improvement in skin texture by up to 42%" - source:

At this point, I'd nearly fallen asleep already from the very soothing and hypnotic gentle eye massage but there was still more to come with the Hydro Eye Mask to detoxify, iron out those 'laughter' lines and wrinkles, and to give an extra moisturising hit which left me looking wide awake and like I had 12 hours sleep which last happened circa 1997.

This is definitely my new must have treatment and most therapists, (including the lovely Coral) will offer it as a standalone treatment or course, or as a bolt on to other facials. I may well have to go for the latter.....can't be painting the ceiling while the wallpaper's hanging off now eh?

Caci Eye Revive as tested by the Good Housekeeping Institute

To find out more about Eye Revive and treatment options, contact Coral via the website or on 07824 636930 /

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