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'Bye-bye Botox' - CACI in The Times's Weekend

Some of you may have seen the great feature in last Saturday's Times by journalist Harry Wallop who tried out a Caci facial. At 43, having seen his Dad looking back at him in the mirror and his daughter try and 'search for gold' in his lines, Harry booked in for a 90 minute Caci treatment including wrinkle comb (smoothing of lines), red light therapy (to increase collagen and blood flow, improve scarring, plump the skin), blue light therapy (rosacea, redness, acne). Harry seemed pretty impressed as did his family noting smoother skin and few lines after one treatment.

Featured in the same section was an accompanying article by beauty expert Alice Hart-Davis who listed microcurrent - a core feature of the Caci treatment here at Chic Beautique - as in 'The 10 best treatments I've tried'. Alice cites microcurrent as being good for 'livening up facial muscles that are starting to sag' and providing an eyebrow lift.

This is certainly supported by what we see here at Chic Beautique so why not come in for a consultation and have a chat to see what benefits the range of Caci treatments we offer here could do for you?

For the full article, please visit:

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